Battery Kits


A collection of 10 drum kits made by our friends Uppercussion. Samples were created using BitRate exclusively.

» Download from Uppercussion

Akebono Kit

Percussion samples from a strange suitcase instrument from Japan.
You can watch a video of this instrument at this link.

↓ Download now
Size: 2.43MB

C-Bent Kit

A selection of samples from a circuit bent children’s toy along with some sounds created by a crashing Korg MS2000.

↓ Download now
Size: 1.49MB

Libellulid Kit

A collection of glitch samples generated with GRID for the song Libellulid by IdoruIx

↓ Download now
Size: 700KB

Compuburps Kit

Broken cables and twisted recordings make for interesting percussion.

↓ Download now
Size: 2.25MB

Note: Battery Kits require a full version of Battery 3.2.2 or later.
Samples are provided in .wav format.

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