Calc-U-Synth 1.1 (Blocks)

Calc-U-Synth is an emulation of the Casio VL-Tone, re-created in the Reaktor 6 Blocks format.
The download includes three Reaktor Blocks:

  • Calc-U-Synth: the main synthesizer module, with all the features of the original, plus bend and glitch controls for additional sound mangling.
  • C-U-S Speaker: an emulation of the built-in speaker with room simulation.
  • C-U-S Envelope: the Calc-U-Synth ADBDR volume envelope.

Also included are example ensembles made using these Blocks, and the original Calc-U-Synth VR for Reaktor 5

↓ Download.

Size: 6.13MB

Slope Overload

Slope Overload

Slope Overload is a special kind of bitcrusher. It uses 1bit Delta Modulation encoding to emulate the sampler channel of a certain Entertainment System from the mid 80s.

The same DM encoding is used in the sampler modules of BitRate II and MonoBoy.

A filter and noise gate have been added to help control the output.


↓ Download.

Size: 1.38MB

SOOG V2 Screenshot


SOOG V2 (Sub Octave Oscillator Generator) is an analogue style octaver effect for monophonic signals.

The effect produces a fuzzy version of the input signal, by generating a modulated square wave one octave below the tracked pitch. This fuzzy octave can then be filtered to smooth out the tone, or to create synth style sounds.

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Size: 995KB



Reader is a drawable waveshaper effect.

The incoming audio is distorted according to the plot in the central graph. Additional gain and filtering controls are available to further tweak the sound.

The download includes two versions of the ensemble, one mono and the other stereo.

↓ Download.

Size: 5.87MB