Key Features

Over 1500 samples recorded at 24bit/48kHz quality.
A minimum of 3 round robins per note.
Between 6 and 14 velocity layers per note.
Mixer with 2 microphone sources, and high quality effects.
Advanced pitch-bend control.
12 custom impulse responses.

A short video of the main features.


The Gayageum (also Romanised to Kayageum or Kayagŭm) is a traditional stringed instrument from Korea. It is a close relative to the Japanese Koto and the Chinese Guzheng. Like these instruments, it is a zither with movable bridges and is played by plucking and flicking the strings with the right hand and bending them with the left hand.

The Sanjo Gayageum design evolved in the 19th century with the emergence of Sanjo music in order to accommodate faster playing styles.

The Sanjo Gayageum has 12 strings (traditionally made from silk, but more recently made from nylon) that are tuned to a pentatonic scale. The strings are played using an alternating pluck, flick, flick style and a heavy vibrato that give the Gayageum Sanjo its unique musical flavour.

Performance Page


This unique instrument has been meticulously sampled and carefully programmed to be as close to playing the real thing as possible.

Over 1500 samples (125 per string) are used in combination with custom scripts to make playing the Sanjo Gayageum feel and sound real and authentic.

Mixer Page


The mixer page allows you to blend two microphone positions, and apply high-quality effects.

Mixer presets are available to get you to the sound you want faster.

Reverb Page


12 custom impulse responses give you full control over the acoustic space.

A tempo-synced delay can add an extra dimension to the space, or can be used for rhythmic effects.

Audio Demos


The sound of the gayageum is captured very nicely by Icebreaker Audio. It covers the percussive, bassy twangs as well as the crisper, resonant highs subtly and accurately. The playability and tweakability is spot on for an instrument of this size. Nothing overwhelming or excessive, just nice, well thought out, expressive controls. It immediately draws you in and has you inventing melodies quickly. The gayageum is a very lovely instrument and this sample library serves it very well.