Key Features

8 voice sound sequencer controlled from an animated 8×8 grid
Per voice pattern length for complex poly-rhythms
Analog and digital sound generation modes
2 modulation step sequencers and an LFO
Filter and delay effects built in
Glitch controls to add chaos and noise
Preconfigured TouchOSC templates for iOS and Android devices

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GRID in motion

GRID Concept

GRID is designed to be a sound sequencer, it is neither a drum machine nor a sequenced synthesizer, but some kind of hybrid of the two.

GRID can be bent and twisted into a variety of sounds. It is open to be used in whatever context you wish for it. From minimal techno, to ambient soundscapes; 8-bit chip tune to distorted glitches – GRID is what you make of it.


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Modulation View


GRID has three modulation sources: 2 step sequencers and 1 LFO, which can be routed as you wish.

The step sequencers can also have individual pattern lengths and individual smoothing amounts between the steps.

The voices can have their amplitudes and envelopes scaled relative to their position on the GRID.

Effects Controls


The effects section of GRID is both simple and powerful:

The filter provides unique control styles with a drive knob to allow for extra sonic control.

The delay was crafted to sound organic, yet reliable.

Each voice can be set to run through the effects, or bypass them individually.

TouchOSC templates for iPad


GRID comes with custom designed templates for TouchOSC, allowing you to control it via any iOS or Android device.

In the 1.1 update, support was added for control via Novation’s Launchpad controller.

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