Key Features

All 15 instrument sounds and 13 percussion sounds sampled.
24bit 48kHz sample quality.
Original performance features emulated with custom scripts.
7 impulse responses of the original speaker.
5 custom and easy-to-use effects.

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About Akebono

The above video showcases a few of the Akebono instrument sounds.


Akebono (literal translation: Dawn) comes from Japan and was probably released sometime in the mid-1980s. Detailed information is scarce as it was never intended for use by western musicians.

It re-creates a number of traditional Japanese instrument sounds using a combination of samples and digital synthesis.

Designed primarily as a Koto practice instrument, Akebono uses buttons instead of piano keys, has a joystick for pitch and volume modulation, and a speaker built into the suitcase.

Unlike current MIDI pitch-bend controls, the Akebono joystick only altered the pitch of the notes the player was still holding. Any notes in their release phase would be unaffected.
This behaviour was re-created using a custom Kontakt script.

Akebono: Plucked

The Akebono Collection uses high-quality samples to emulate the original hardware as accurately as possible.

Performance options allows you to select the original behaviour of the hardware, or more conventional playing styles.


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Audio Demos


The Akebono was a strange little box of tricks and Icebreaker Audio have provided a carefully crafted reproduction of it, with a few extra options to spare. It’s cool, it’s charming, it’s retro and it’s obscure. If somewhat niche, if you find the right project for it, it will add a whole new dimension of lo-fi, understated fun.