BitRate Design Sketches

Last week we released the PSD file of the final BitRate interface. This week we are releasing some of the initial design sketches, as well as a Pinterest board filled with reference material that was used for inspiration.

This will give you a little glimpse of the early stages of the instrument design, which should be interesting to compare against the final product.

1st step: Reference material

At this stage of a project it is important to communicate visual ideas, and references are an easy way of doing this. Fortunately the designer for this project, Max Mondon, already had an interest in the retro style that was needed for a product like BitRate.

Some interesting references include:

» Check out all of the references on Pinterest.

Max also brought to the project his own references from modern projects, including:

» The Last Rocket

» Juggle

» Pix’n Love Rush

Since completing the product, I’ve learnt of an excellent blog I wish had existed when the project began:

» NES Title Screens

Check it out if you’re feeling nostalgic.

2nd step: Sketches

The first design step was to sketch out ideas, both for the general layout and for the design concept.

Below are the sketches of an unused LCD Screen design:

» Check out all of the sketches on Tumblr.

3rd step: Design

After the sketch phase, the design concept was set. Iterations after this point had only minor differences from what became the final product.

Below is an early stage of the lower screen. As you can see, the overall style and the mixer controls barely changed from this design to the final product.

Unfortunately, the little dude didn't make the cut.

Unfortunately, the little dude didn’t make the cut.


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