Calc-U-Synth VR is a re-creation of the programmable Casio VL-Tone synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Key Features:

  • Full emulation of the Casio VL-Tone’s programmable synth engine
  • Built-in tempo-sync delay effect
  • Speaker emulation with room simulation
  • Additional “Bend” controls: Glitch and Filter
  • Key-Click noise control

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Audio Demos

Product Details

Authentic Sound

The VL-Tone is a monophonic synthesizer/calculator that has 5 preset sounds as well as a user programmable 6th slot called ADSR.

The ADSR instrument is programmed by entering 8 digits into the calculator’s memory, then returning to synthesizer mode. Needless to say, this is a rather inconvenient way to program a synthesizer.

Precise measurements of the VL-Tone’s volume envelope, vibrato, and tremolo were then gathered in order to faithfully emulate the whole instrument in Reaktor.

This library was designed in order to present the full capabilities of the VL-Tone’s programmable features in a more convenient interface, while retaining the character of the original instrument.

Expanded Sound

Calc-U-Synth VR also comes with extra features to take the dry sound of the VL-Tone to a higher level.

On Board Effects

Included in the instrument is a built-in delay effect, as well as a control for the volume of the key-clicks (the mechanical sound of playing the instrument).

Speaker Simulation

Also included is an emulation of the VL-Tone’s original speaker, complete with a room simulation.
You have control over the mix of the both the speaker sound and the room sound for extra sound shaping control.


Emulating the VL-Tone structure allowed me to experiment with the signal flow, essentially performing virtual circuit bends. A Glitch control and Filter are both available to you.


Calc-U-Synth VR is available now for £4.50 ($7)

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» Go to the products page to purchase Calc-U-Synth VR as part of a bundle.

System Requirements

  • Mac or PC running a full version of either Native Instruments Reaktor 5.8 or later
  • Download size: 4.78MB zipped folder (12.7MB uncompressed)
  • Note: Calc-U-Synth VR does not run in Reaktor Player – a full version of Reaktor is required.

» Kontakt users can enjoy the original, sample-based Calc-U-Synth for Kontakt 5.


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