Key Features

5 drum slots into which you can load any one of 13 different sound modules.
4 main sound engine types: Chip, FM, Sampler, Glitch.
A built-in sequencer with 2 modulation sequences per drum.
Automatic tempo-synchronization when used in a host.
EQ, Compressor, and Speaker Simulator master effects.

The Engines

BitRate offers 4 main sound engines:

BR_Chip The CHIP engine contains 5 modules based on the sound chips used in video game consoles of the 8bit era. These modules are ideal for any musician interested in chiptune, or for adding a little retro-nostalgia to your tracks.

BR_IAOP IA-OP stands for Icebreaker Audio Operator, and is a 2 operator FM synthesis engine based loosely on the Yamaha FM chips used in PC soundcards and 16bit game consoles from the early 90s. The engine has two modes: Additive and Frequency Modulation; and a control set designed specifically for creating drum sounds.

BR_SMPThe SMP engine is a sampler with a twist. Based on toy keyboards from the late 80s, the SMP engine not only features 50 individual samples, but also a custom built sample Core Cell with “circuit bending” controls.

BR_GlitchAnd lastly, the Gl!tch modules. These are not based on any kind of specific synthesis style, but are more a result of DIY experiments with a harsh digital edge. Kind of like Atari Punk Consoles, but in software.

Audio Demos

The BitRate Interface

Authenticity and Flexibility

Although no single device was specifically emulated, the aim for the sound engines was to stay true to the selected synthesis styles. Volume envelopes, tuning characteristics, and many other small details were analysed and replicated.

BitRate offers, among other things, the most accurate chip-style synthesis available for Reaktor.
A sample engine needed to be coded in core from scratch in order to accurately emulate the gritty pitch-shifting and circuit bending possibilities of late 80s keyboards.

The sound of BitRate may be accurate, but the features were designed to make the instrument easy to use, yet also flexible. The clunky interfaces, bad integration, lack of sync options, and hardware faults are no longer an issue – no need to blow on cartridges!

Free Sampled Kits

Bitkits, a collection of 10 free drum kits, made using samples generated by BitRate, is available from Uppercussion.

Download now from the Uppercussion website. »


If you have an interest in chip music and have Reaktor, just get this now. If you’ve got any doubts beforehand, check out the audio demos and then buy it. This is living the dream – the dirty, pixelated, large-grain-parametered, limited yet limitless dream which is working with 8-bit and lo-fi gaming audio devices.

System Requirements

Mac or PC running a full version Native Instruments Reaktor 5.8 or later.
Reaktor Player will only run the instrument in demo mode.
Download size: 7.82MB zipped (58.4MB uncompressed)

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