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The Akebono Collection is a sample-based emulation of the Akebono Koto Synthesizer – a unique suitcase instrument from Japan – for Native Instruments Kontakt 4 & 5.
Price: £12.5 (approx. $20 / €15 / ¥2160)

Included Kontakt Instruments:

  • Akebono: Plucked
    All of the 9 plucked string sounds from Akebono.
  • Akebono: Wind
    The woodwind and bowed string sounds.
  • Akebono: Percussive
    A percussive kit including 13 different drums and percussion.

» Click here for more information on the included sounds.

Audio Demos:


Key Features:

  • All 15 instrument sounds and 13 percussion sounds sampled.
  • 24bit 48kHz sample quality.
  • Original performance features emulated with custom scripts.
  • 7 impulse responses of the original speaker.
  • 5 custom and easy-to-use effects: Amp, EQ, Mod, Echo, and Dynamics.

Download Operation Manual

About Akebono:

The above video showcases a few of the Akebono instrument sounds.

Akebono (literal translation: “Dawn”) comes from Japan and was probably released sometime in the mid-1980s. Detailed information is scarce, as it was never intended for use by western musicians. It re-creates a number of traditional Japanese instrument sounds using a combination of samples and digital synthesis.

Designed primarily as a Koto practice instrument, Akebono uses buttons instead of piano keys, has a joystick for pitch and volume modulation, and a speaker built into the suitcase.

During the sampling sessions, several impulse responses of the built-in speaker were taken at various different microphone positions. A rare Thuresson CM402 microphone was used for the recordings, and a total of 7 microphone configurations/positions are available in the custom designed Kontakt interface.

Unlike current MIDI pitch-bend controls, the Akebono joystick only altered the pitch of the notes the player was still holding. Any notes in their release phase would be unaffected.
This behaviour was re-created using a custom Kontakt script. However, if you prefer the standard MIDI style of performance, you can select the style you prefer.

The dynamic of the note can be controlled either by the ModWheel – mimicking the original hardware – or by note velocity.

System Requirements

  • Mac or PC running a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher.
  • Kontakt 5 instruments require Kontakt 5.3.0 or higher.
  • Download size: 444MB zipped folder
  • Note: Akebono: Plucked does not run in Kontakt Player – a full version of Kontakt is required.


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